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COVID-19 Update - Important Update 03/31/2020

Tuesday March 31, 2020


According to the Lawrence County and Orange County Health Department, the previously reported confirmed case HAS NOT BEEN TESTED AND IS THEREFORE NOT CONFIRMED TO BE A POSITIVE.  The employee may have been told they had symptoms of the virus and should presume to be positive; but, no test was completed and no result has been reported to either Health Dept.    We are issuing this correction; because, what was reported to PRD at 4pm on 3/30/2020 was a confirmed positive – which was not accurate. 
For everyone’s well-being we did confirm with the Health Dept that PRD is following the appropriate protocol to help keep everyone as safe as possible - including regularly scheduled deep cleaning and additional targeted deep cleaning in response to a confirmed case.  We will continue to communicate information as it becomes available.  And we continue to encourage you to make the decision that make sense for your situation.